Sarah Jane Szikora

New Art Releases: Rude Food, Blushin' Dolls, Damiens Dress, Home Sweet Home, Pet Grooming, Ladies Wot Lunch.

Recent News: Sarah Jane has released a new collection of work for Spring 10 entitled 'Naughty But Nice'.

Biography: In life, we are lucky if we find our passion, something we love to do. Sarah-Jane Szikora discovered this thing aged 4, in hospital. Eyes bandaged from surgery, there was a crayon in her hand, and despite the obvious handicap she was drawing pictures. Many years later this passion is thriving...

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sjs10004_sarah_jane_szikora_rude food

Rude Food

sjs10004_sarah_jane_szikora_rude food

Rude Food (Canvas)

sjs07004_sarah_jane_szikora_the biscuit factory

The Biscuit Factory (Canvas)

sjs04009_sarah_jane_szikora_heavenly abode

Heavenly Abode

sjs01002_sarah_jane_szikora_horns v halos

Horns v Halos

sjs10005_sarah_jane_szikora_home sweet home

Home Sweet Home

sjs09004_sarah_jane_szikora_the merry widow

The Merry Widow

sjs10002_sarah_jane_szikora_blushin dolls

Blushin' Dolls