douglas hofmann portrait

Douglas Hofmann

The paintings of Douglas Hofmann have been critically acclaimed for their glowing surfaces, sumptuous details and softly lighted forms.
Hofmann expertly combines his own methods of painting with the techniques of the old masters, which he learned from Joseph Sheppard at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he received his bachelor of fine arts degree.

The beautiful aura of light and atmosphere found in great Baroque paintings pervades the works of Hofmann. He gives meticulous attention to detail, and creates harmonious compositions with superbly balanced colours and shapes.

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dhmxx003_douglas_hofmann_the model

Douglas Hofmann, The Model

dhmxx002_douglas_hofmann_the mirror

Douglas Hofmann, The Mirror

dhm02002_douglas_hofmann_the blue shawl

Douglas Hofmann, The Blue Shawl

dhmxx013_douglas_hofmann_satin slippers

Douglas Hofmann, Satin Slippers

dhm02001_douglas_hofmann_beyond her grasp

Douglas Hofmann, Beyond Her Grasp

dhmxx014_douglas_hofmann_midnight blue

Douglas Hofmann, Midnight Blue (Deluxe)


Douglas Hofmann, Candice

dhm06002_douglas_hofmann_the girl in the mirror

Douglas Hofmann, The Girl In The Mirror

dhm06001_douglas_hofmann_some enchanted evening

Douglas Hofmann, Some Enchanted Evening

dhm03001_douglas_hofmann_the white slip

Douglas Hofmann, The White Slip

dhm01002_douglas_hofmann_silver satin

Douglas Hofmann, Silver Satin

dhm01001_douglas_hofmann_self portrait

Douglas Hofmann, Self Portrait

dhmxx015_douglas_hofmann_reclining nude

Douglas Hofmann, Reclining Nude

dhmxx014_douglas_hofmann_midnight blue

Douglas Hofmann, Midnight Blue


Douglas Hofmann, Interlude


Douglas Hofmann, Tapestry


Douglas Hofmann, Dreaming

dhmxx010_douglas_hofmann_dance portfolio

Douglas Hofmann, Dance Portfolio

dhmxx009_douglas_hofmann_red sash

Douglas Hofmann, Red Sash

dhmxx008_douglas_hofmann_la rhapsodie en bleu ii

Douglas Hofmann, La Rhapsodie En Bleu II

dhmxx007_douglas_hofmann_la rhapsodie en bleu i

Douglas Hofmann, La Rhapsodie En Bleu I

dhmxx006_douglas_hofmann_reflections portfolio

Douglas Hofmann, Reflections Portfolio

dhmxx005_douglas_hofmann_final touch

Douglas Hofmann, Final Touch

dhmxx004_douglas_hofmann_waiting in the wings

Douglas Hofmann, Waiting In The Wings

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