sherree valentine-daines portrait

Sherree Valentine Daines

Biography: Over the course of her impressive career Sherree has become one of the UK's most collectable contemporary artists; with a discerning international following of art lovers, she enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the international arena. Her impressionistic approach lends a unique charm to each stunning, figurative composition, her subtle hand blending each detail into a creation of captivating elegance.

Sherree was born in Effingham in Surrey. After completing her early education she undertook a fine art course at the Epsom School of Art. As soon as she graduated she set about persuading local institutions to exhibit her work and her success was immediate. She soon came to the notice of the art world and won a number of accolades including the Young Artist of the Year Award from the Royal Society....

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svd14004_sherree_valentine_summer conversation

Summer Conversation

svd14003_sherree_valentine_champagne rendezvous

Champagne Rendezvous

svd14001_sherree_valentine_daines_rockpool delight

Rockpool Delight

svd14002_sherree_valentine_daines_sunset at the shore

Sunset At The Shore

svd13011_sherree_valentine_daines_childhood reverie

Childhood Reverie

svd13012_sherree_valentine_daines_dream catcher

Dream Catcher

svd13008_sherree_valentine_daines_ascot celebration

Ascot Celebration

svd13009_sherree_valentine_daines_seaside days i

Seaside Days I

svd13010_sherree_valentine_daines_seaside days ii

Seaside Days II

svd13001_sherree_valentine_daines_golden meadow

Golden Meadow

svd13002_sherree_valentine_daines_bluebell vision

Bluebell Vision

svd13003_sherree_valentine_daines_english elegance

English Elegance

svd13005_sherree_valentine_daines_my fair lady i

My Fair Lady I

svd13004_sherree_valentine_daines_my fair lady ii

My Fair Lady II

svd13007_sherree_valentine_daines_field of dreams i

Field Of Dreams I

svd13006_sherree_valentine_daines_field of dreams ii

Field Of Dreams II

svd12001_sherree_valentine_daines_magical memories

Magical Memories

svd12008_sherree_valentine_daines_champagne in the shade

Champagne In The Shade

svd12009_sherree_valentine_daines_shadows on the lawn

Shadows On The Lawn

svd12010_sherree_valentine_daines_precious memories

Precious Memories

svd12011_sherree_valentine_daines_seaside dreams

Seaside Dreams

svd12012_sherree_valentine_daines_tea on the lawn

Tea On The Lawn

svd12013_sherree_valentine_daines_romance on the river

Romance On The River

svd12004_sherree_valentine_daines_gathering bluebells

Gathering Bluebells