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Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington is one of the most sought after and influential artists at work in the UK and a major figure on the international art scene. Her boundless creative gift, technical brilliance, mastery of colour and above all, her infinite imagination, have taken her far and beyond the everyday and turned her into a fine art sensation.

The haunting beauty of Kerry's work grows from an intriguing combination of pattern, nature, energy and nostalgia.

Her stunning three dimensional mixed media pieces are unmistakable in style and completely individual, revolving around the theme of myths and legends, poetry and stories. Her work is in huge demand, and in 2012 and again in 2014 she was named as the UK's best selling published artist for her extraordinary unique editions.

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Kerry Darlington, Snow Queen


Kerry Darlington, Tinker Bell


Kerry Darlington, Flying Home


Kerry Darlington, A Tree Full Of Love

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